A survey of 2017

Window Repairs

CJL Designs carried out the complete repair of all the cracked panes of glass in the church in August 2017



  • Balanced the care and conservation of the building from Tideway’s early works to the preparatory main works programme.
  • Involved in the negotiation of the APA and coordinated work on window repairs rather than the initially proposed double-glazing.
  • Coordinated all safeguarding measures and baseline monitoring of the building, in preparation for the main Tideway works including organ survey, interior and plasterwork survey, noise/vibration control and monitoring.
  • Appointed an external structural engineer to support on-going work.



Thank you to all our supporters for the grants we received this year for our roof and fabric repairs




  • Awarded grants from the following organisations (Marshall Charity, All Churches Trust, National Churches Trust). Grants will go towards repairing the South East roof and associated water ingress issues.
  • Fundraising initiatives and proposals developed for the larger redevelopment grant. No applications were made, as more consultation was required from the PCC and congregation on the proposed scheme.


Final Postcard Design

New postcards now available at the church


Community Engagement

  • Church Development Blog developed and updated to inform local community and partners of on-going work. 34 posts/ 1000 visitors.
  • Created and maintained Twitter account @SPDDeveProj – 307x tweets and Followers 108x
  • Partnership building with local community groups and inquiries related to the church and activities associated.
  •  Community engagement initiatives through producing interpretive church material (leaflet, postcards, social media).

Fr. Paul and S. Paul’s Project Officer carrying out a site visit to St George’s Bloomsbury to hear more about their redevelopment project



  • Implement measures for the future sustainability of the Grade I listed church.
  • Involved with the Lewisham Council improvement works to the church entrance including improved paving, artist-designed railings for the tomb, new noticeboard, tree works and engraved text on the pavement.
  • Involved with proposed design schemes for Crossfield site and churchyard wall proposals.
  • Carried out an extensive review of similar church redevelopment projects and produced a benchmarking and analysis report in order to inform and direct the SPD development project.



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