Acanthus leaves and a new church entrance

For those who have passed S. Paul’s recently, you may have noticed that we have had a bit of facelift to the main entrance adjoining Deptford Highstreet and the churchyard. This is thanks to work undertaken by Lewisham Council & Project Centre.

The paving has been beautifully relaid and helps create a better connection between the church and surrounding area. A new noticeboard will be reinstated, providing up to date information on the church times and activities.

The sarcophagus,  located to the side of the entrance will also be enhanced, with a new artist-designed railing and interpretation.

The railings are currently in production and have been inspired by the interior architecture of the church, namely the Acanthus leaves which are associated with the Corinthian order of columns. The work is currently underway and images below show some of this work by Heather Burrell. 



Project Centre Design Sketch of Church Entrance




Art designed railings currently in production


Beautifully Crafted Acanthus Leaves for the Sarcophagus railings




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