August Update – Improvement Works

From the 31st July until mid October (approx. 12 weeks) the church forecourt will be undergoing improvement works. These are part of Lewisham Council’s wider Deptford high street redevelopment and Project Centre are the design team leading on these works. The following works were submitted and approved by church faculty including: re-paving in Yorkstone, re-planting and alterations to church boundary walls, new church noticeboard, and new signage and artistic metalwork railing around sarcophagus.

The other major works that will be taking place in August, are church window repairs. These extensive repair works to all the current broken panes of glass, are the positive results of our on-going monitoring and mitigation work with Tideway who are funding this. The works will be carried out by CJL Designs who are a highly skilled and qualified glazier company, having worked on similar church restoration projects.

An interior survey was carried out by Hirst Conservation, in 2015 and 2016 which highlights cracking and plasterwork issues in the North East corner of the church as a result of North East tiled roof and exterior masonry where there is water penetration and which is damaging the internal plasterwork. A series of grant applications have been made and we are pleased to announce that we have been successful in two, namely, The All Churches Trust and Marshall’s Charity, in order to carry out these urgent repair works within the next two years. We are now awaiting news from our grant application to the Garfield Weston and later National Churches Trust.

Additionally the ceiling in the SW stairwell has now been fully restored and repaired!

Repaired Ceiling_July2017.jpg



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