SPD April Update – Appointment of Structural Engineer

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Sinclair Johnston to support us with our project at S. Paul’s Deptford. This post came as a result of a meeting held in October 2016 with Tideway Tunnel, Historic England, The Diocese of Southwark, S. Paul’s Deptford Parish Church Council and our church architect. It is crucial that S. Paul’s is monitored and assessed by a professional such as Sinclair who has a vast amount of experience working on similar projects. The post has been arranged through Tideway and is a very positive outcome to provide the support we need in this next phase. Over the next coming months, we will work with Sinclair and Tideway to establish a clear programme of building monitoring for the church.

Interestingly, another similar project that Sinclair worked on was at St Patrick’s Soho, which was affected by Crossrail Tunnel. St Patrick’s successfully excavated and created a new basement level for the church in order to provide a community centre, office space and kitchens, which specifically caters for a homeless shelter. As a result of appointing Sinclair, we have been introduced to this project and have now met with Fr Alexander from St Patrick’s. This relationship and others we are building with partner churches, we believe, is crucial for developing a network of support and advice that can be built into our own project.



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