Church Development Project – 2016 overview

2016 has been a busy year at S. Paul’s Deptford and next year is set to be even busier, as plans for the redevelopment project commence, and the main works with Tideway Tunnel begin in spring. However it is worth looking back over the past year to highlight what we have been up to.



Over the past year, we have come a long way with building up key contacts and relationships with Tideway. We have made much progress on taking plans forward to conserve and protect the building, during the Tideway construction work. This is important so as not to disrupt the day-to-day life of the church.

Vibration monitoring equipment was installed in the church over various periods this year to assess the early works. So far the results have proved that there is no cause for alarm or threat to the building. This monitoring will continue once the major works begin next year. A strategic meeting was held in October to discuss the next phase for monitoring and conservation action with members from Tideway, History England, The Diocese of Southwark and the appointed church architect. The main works programme will have the peak period 2017 – 2018, when shaft excavation commences. The structural support for the building has not been considered a requirement, monitoring of building survey reports are both during and after the works. The church will appoint an independent structural engineer who will assist and provide advise to S. Paul’s with this work, which currently is coordinated between the Rector of the Parish and Project Officer.

Project Officer Overview


One of the key priorities has been about building a case for support and consulting with the church council on plans for the redevelopment. The vision plan that was presented is now at the stage in which we can move towards developing this further into a business plan. We are talking to possible partners who might help us develop our business plan, consultation and development.

Public engagement has also been developed to promote and build awareness among the community and beyond with the blog and through our twitter account. The other key priority has been to actively fundraise for repair grants for the roof/fabric of the building which now requires urgent attention. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in the Government Roof Repair Fund and have now applied to other organisations, which we hope to hear from in the New Year.

What is happening in 2017…


Tideway works are split into three construction phases. The first two phases would primarily comprise site preparation and construction of the shaft and during these phases a hoarding would run around the perimeter of the Crossfield Open Space. Phase three involves construction of other on site structures with the primary works being construction of the interception chamber within Deptford Church Street. Furthmore, a survey of the clock tower and spire are still required and will need to be planned accordingly

In Deptford and New Cross, dozens of projects are underway that will provide significant numbers of new homes and jobs for the area, along with major improvements to the local infrastructure and environment.

This statement comes from Lewisham Council’s website and demonstrates the changes that are taking place in the area. The church is a focal point in the Deptford landscape and community and we are actively keeping informed of all developments. We are now working with the council on improvement plans to the Deptford high street, which include proposals for a new entrance area to the churchyard. Similar plans are also in motion with another organisation who will be re-landscaping Crossfield Green once the Tideway works have been completed.


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