That’s a wrap for 2015!


It’s always good to stock check and take time to review work completed. So in order to look forward and plan ahead here is a summary of work completed over the past seven months.

In July 2015 an architectural quinquennial report was completed by HMDW. This covered a full detailed report of the church interior, exterior and burial grounds. It also highlighted problematic areas or building repairs and actions to remedy any structural work both long-term and in light of work ahead in connection with Thames Tideway.

We have had a full laser survey carried out of the building, which has produced some highly detailed and informative 3D images of the interior of the church. The scans were then used by Hirst Conservation who, after studying these, carried out a full inspection of the plasterwork and interiors.

Other survey work included that of the organ and also vibration monitoring of the structural fabric of the building, which will take place in the New Year.

Further work that will be required will be a survey of the clock tower and spire as the last report carried out in 2007 and the most recent one in July have highlighted structural issues.

On the 2nd December I attended the annual Historic Buildings Alliance conference. As well as many interesting talks and discussions, Janet Gough, Director of the Cathedral and Church Buildings Division talked about the recent Church of England’s Review of its buildings, a copy of the report can be viewed here:

Similarly it was interesting to hear about the most current fundraising approaches and grant bodies that are relevant to churches such as S. Paul’s. The Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund, is now available to apply for, which is something that we are keen to do. This is a generous one-off grant scheme from the government, which is widely appreciated for its relative ease of application, and focus on the needs of the building.

From current conservation measures and baseline monitoring activities, we will soon begin to consider how to move forward with the benchmarking that has been carried out and report that was produced. In the New Year our aim will be to consult with the parish and community in order to make an informed decision on the approach we will take and the vision that we start to inform the new design and development.


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