August project update

Bricks and mortar

A lot has been happening on the baseline surveying work! Last week Thames Tideway reported that the ground works were successfully completed and there were no issues in order to proceed with the early works. In the meantime I have had a series of meetings in order to discuss the vibration monitoring process that will be arranged at the church. This counter measure has been taken to ensure that any threat to the building fabric is minimised as a result of building vibration.

The other areas that have been highlighted from the architectural survey report are building conservation concerns including the fragility of the clock tower & spire, bell frame and interior plasterwork and painting. I am now reviewing and getting quotes for this work.

A further meeting onsite at the church was arranged with English Heritage and the archaeological team at Thames Tideway to discuss the wider programme of interpretive planning and development that will be taken across the 24 Thames Tideway construction sites. This is quite an exciting prospect as much of this work will focus on complimenting the historical environment of each site.

For further information on each of the construction sites see the link below:


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