Benchmarking begins…

St George the Martyr Church

St George the Martyr Church

First and foremost a good project will generally start with lots of prior benchmarking of similar or contrasting projects. And this is what we’re going to do at S. Paul’s Church.

Benchmarking will not only inform the direction in which the church will go, and avert potential pitfalls, but it will also be instructive and provide inspiration. Irrespective of the type of benchmarking an organisation undertakes, a well-structured and systematic process is critical to success.

In summary the main goals that I would like to achieve through this process are as follows:

  • Identify world-class church redevelopment projects
  • Determine the factors that have achieved successful examples
  • Identify best practice in funding and income generating
  • Build a strong case or baseline against which to measure this project
  • Highlight key achievements or milestones
  • Share knowledge and build links with selected churches

I will carry out this benchmarking in various stages including:

Step 1/The Book Worm

Identify and research a selection of churches.

Step 2/The Opportunist

Visit the churches and build up contacts.

Step 3/I ♥ Data

Assemble and analyse the information collected from these visits.

Step 4/Know-it-all

Outline and report on the data to appropriate project managers.

Step 5/Knowledge is Golden

Using this knowledge and insight, determine an approach to take for S. Paul’s and then feed this into the project plan.


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